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September 11, 2018, 09:30-16:00DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen, Earth Observation Center The workshop introduced and discussed Research Lifecycle Management using Research Objects in collaborative Virtual Research Environments in Earth and Environmental Sciences. It was held in the context of the EU Horizon 2020 project EVER-EST ( The project is led by the European Space Agency with DLR being one of the twelve project partners. In this workshop scientists shared hands-on experience in conducting research projects using the Research Object Platform ROHub and the EVER-EST Virtual Research Environment. We discussed with the Earth and Environmental Science user community experiences and perspectives for Research Lifecycle Management and Research Objects in Virtual Research Environments in the context of Open Science.
Domains: cultural terms biology
Concepts: Research Data DLR Data Management citation Objects management Earth
Expressions: Embedding research data management support research environment expert system Iberia research objects Jos Research project dlr Oberpfaffenhofen Research Lifecycle Management in Earth attribution data
People: Katrin Molch Rosemarie Leone
Places: Iberia Kanton Uri
Organizations: European Space Agency Interior
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Research object containing the materials of the KoM on Cogito Discover - ISE integration at ESA
Domains: mathematics technology
Concepts: Research systems words Data Objects materials understanding Cartridges information text analysis ESA Partnership Formatting humans definition metadata Enrichment
Expressions: information unit sea monitoring information artefact decision making capability enrichment in earth sciences unstructured data
People: Esa
Places: United Kingdom Kanton Uri
Organizations: Discover Administration
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Materials that support the developments, experiments, surveys presented in the paper \"Towards Human-Machine Scientific Partnership Based on Semantically Rich Research Objects\" submitted for review in escience 2017 conference. The materials include:
- Link to the research object vocabularies
- Link to the research object model extension for Earth Science
- Reference to the research object used as example in the paper
- EVER-EST project deliverables referenced in the paper
- Link to the semantic analysis platform used in the paper (Cogito)
- Link to the vocabulary used to describe the semantic annotations (contentdesc)
- Results of the survey to assess the semantic enrichment
- Link to the web page: Research Object Components
- Link to the research object recommender system
- Java code to reproduce the similarity evaluation reported in the paper.
- Link to the solr index containing the dataset that we used to perform the similarity experiments.
- Excel file with the similarity evaluation data collected in our experiments.
- Bib tex file containing all the bibliographic entries used in the paper.
Domains: statistics literature
Concepts: Research Objects metadata Earth Science methodology ONTOLOGY
Expressions: research object model B sea monitoring VRC content structure requirements questionnaire evolution ontology comparator requirements question Supersites VRC Research Object content structure appendix E geohazards Supersites VRC exemplar RO schedule Research Object metadata appendix H Supersites VRC Research Object VRC Research Object
People: Jose Manuel Gomez Perez ESI
Places: Spain Everest
Organizations: European Community Land Monitoring VRC