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Paper abstract:Existing data on nutrients in the water column and in the sediment, together with chl-a and oxygen saturation in the water coumn are compared using different models for assessing eutrophication.
Domains: ecology chemistry
Concepts: eutrophication Resource models
Expressions: assess eutrophication coastal lagoon
Places: Portugal
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Paper abstract:This work discusses the correlation between the socio-economic processes involving the development of cities, directly associated to the existence of the Araruama Lagoon, and its impact on the environmental quality of this ecosystem.
Domains: hydrography ecology
Concepts: Resource problems economic processes quality state
Expressions: environmental quality associate to the existence of the Araruama Lagoon
Places: Araruama Lagoon
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Paper abstract:This paper demonstrates that no decrease in nutrient level or intensity of algal blooms has occurred in the Curonian lagoon, as could be expected given the decline in the industrial activity and use of fertilisers in agriculture during the recent decade.
Domains: agriculture
Concepts: Resource intensity problems level
Expressions: intensity of algal blooms Olenin S.-environmental problem
Places: Olenin S.
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Paper abstract:In this article are studied the effects of recent human activities in the Mar Menor, including enlargement of a channel of communication with the open sea and dredging and deposition of sand to make beaches.
Domains: geography geology
Concepts: human activities Resource Paper enlargement
Expressions: SE of Spain channel of communication
Places: Spain
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Paper abstract:The Mar Menor is a coastal lagoon threatened by the development of intensive agriculture in the surrounding areas. Large amounts of pesticides from these areas are discharged into El Albujón, a permanent watercourse flowing into the lagoon. A multi-biomarker approach to assess the biological effects of agricultural pollution on a bivalve species was used.
Domains: hydrography geography
Concepts: lagoon Resource areas responses pollution
Expressions: permanent watercourse Campillo J.A.
Places: Spain
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Paper abstract:Segara Anakan is a mangrove-fringed shallow coastal lagoon in south central Java, Indonesia, which is of high ecological and economic value because of its richness and diversity in living natural resources. The economic demands of a growing population, however, strongly alter environmental conditions which affect the ecology of the living resources and ultimately the ecological balance and economic potential of the region. 
Domains: ecology
Concepts: Resource Indonesia Mangrove
Expressions: Yuwono E. coastal lagoon
Places: Indonesia
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Paper abstract:Arsenic Biogeochemistry in the Magdalena-Almejas lagoon complex merits special attention as its high biological productivity supports a fishery and aquaculture industry. It is also the reproduction and nesting area for a number of protected species.
Domains: biology metallurgy
Concepts: Arsenic Resource Baja California area
Expressions: Shumilin E. biological productivity
Places: Lower California
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Paper abstract:The Berre Lagoon has been under strong anthropogenic pressure since early 1950s. The opening of a hydroelectric power plant in 1966 led to large salinity drops. A study was performed between 2008 and 2010 to evaluate how these modifications have impacted the zooplancton community.
Domains: botany
Concepts: communities Resource France
Expressions: metazooplankton community species in the Berre Lagoon
Places: Berre Lagoon
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Paper abstract:The changed river run-off and the artificially deepened strait significantly influenced the fresh-brackish water circulation and environmental conditions in the northern part of the Curonian Lagoon in the last decades.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: Resource strait part environmental conditions
Expressions: river run-off human activities
Places: Curonian Lagoon
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Paper abstract:The hydromorphological impacts of historical, contemporary and proposed engineering activities in coastal lagoons around in the world are reviewed and from these a powerful exemplar is that of the Aveiro system in Portugal.
Domains: hydrography zootechnics
Concepts: lagoons Resource evolution
Expressions: da silva J.F. coastal lagoon
Places: Distrito de Aveiro