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Paper abstract:The natural protected lagoon of Guanaroca, Cuba, has been heavily impacted by human-induced environmental changes over the past century. Sources of organic matter in the Guanaroca lagoon and concentrations of radioisotopes as tracers of anthropogenic impacts, were investigated in a 78 cm sediment core.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: lagoon sources
Expressions: protected lagoon matter source
Places: Guanaroca
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Paper abstract:This paper addresses the heavy metal pollution development in Jacarepaguá coastal lagoon, by means of sediment core analysis.
Domains: geology
Concepts: sediments lagoon
Expressions: geochemistry of sediment coastal lagoon
Places: Jacarepaguá
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Paper abstract:Heavy metal assessment in Nador lagoon (Mediterranean coast) was carried out using different environmental indices. The results show that heavy metals occur in lagoon sediments largely due to the anthropogenic activities in the area (urban effluents).
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: lagoon Nador
Expressions: heavy metal assessment Maanan M.
Places: Nador
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Paper abstract:The Mar Menor is a coastal lagoon threatened by the development of intensive agriculture in the surrounding areas. Large amounts of pesticides from these areas are discharged into El Albujón, a permanent watercourse flowing into the lagoon. A multi-biomarker approach to assess the biological effects of agricultural pollution on a bivalve species was used.
Domains: hydrography geography
Concepts: lagoon Resource areas responses pollution
Expressions: permanent watercourse Campillo J.A.
Places: Spain
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Paper abstract:Changes in natural cover and land use within the Ceuta coastal lagoon system, Mexico, were assessed using multitemporal analysis of Landsat imagery. On two images from 1984 and 1999, nine information categories were evaluated. The development of shrimp aquaculture is causing a new pressure on this environment, and it has changed the coastal landscape covering 3190 ha in less than 15 years, mainly replacing bare soil and salt marsh.
Domains: geography
Concepts: lagoon shrimp Ceuta Mexico Land
Expressions: land use shrimp aquaculture
Places: Mexico
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Paper abstract:This study quantifies and spatially characterizes land use and land cover changes in the Segara Anakan lagoon, Java, Indonesia, from 1987–2006. It thus appears that the current changes have produced an overall economic benefit to the greatly increased human population, but the lagoon ecosystem, its aquatic resources and its biodiversity have significantly been affected.
Domains: biology geography
Concepts: land lagoon cover
Expressions: Wolff M.-land use Rijanto Ardii E.
Places: Java
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Paper abstract:Some physicochemical parameters were studied during February 2001 to January 2002 at five locations in Chilika lagoon. This study was undertaken to assess the impact of the new mouth opened at Sipakuda in order to facilitate water exchange between the lagoon and the sea.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: lagoon parameters
Expressions: Chilika lagoon physicochemical parameter
Places: Chilika
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Paper abstract:Mining, agricolture and urban development during the last decade has have affected the ecosystem. This paper reviews the studies done over two decades regarding the impacts of human activities in the lagoon, reporting data of contamination levels and the effects generated in the ecosystem of the lagoon. The discharge of enriched nutrient waters seems to be the most important imput in the lagoon.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: lagoon ecosystem
Expressions: Jiménez-Cárceles F.J. Se Spain
Places: Spain
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Paper abstract:the superficial sediments of the Bizerte lagoon (northern Tunisia) show a contamination by several heavy metals. These results of this study show that this lagoon receives concentrations in anthropogenic metals that risk provoking more or less important disruptions, which are harmful and irreversible on the fauna and flora of this lagoon and on the whole ecobiological equilibrium.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: lagoon heavy metals
Expressions: anthropogenic metal iron in the Bizerte lagoon
Places: Tunisia
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Paper abstract:In the present work, the effects of sea level rise in residual circulation are analyzed in two of the most important Portuguese coastal systems, Ria de Aveiro lagoon and Tagus estuary.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: estuary Tagus lagoon
Expressions: Tagus estuary sea level rise impact
People: Ria de Aveiro
Places: Tagus River