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Paper abstract:The aims of this study were (1) to analyse whether the hydrological change caused by management actions have affected the ecological status of the lagoon, and (2) to discuss the suitability of several physicochemical and biological indicators for the assessment of the ecological status in this kind of coastal ecosystem.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: lagoon change NE variation
Expressions: ecological status short-term variation
Places: Iberia
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Paper abstract:The fish abundance was determined by monitoring and recording the fish-catch data at the Otto Jetty in the Ologe lagoon. These work shows that Ologe lagoon has a certain level of pollution, though at a minimal level.
Domains: hydrography
Concepts: effects variation
Expressions: fish species genotoxic effect
People: S. O. T. D.
Places: Ologe Lagoon
Organizations: Aceh Journal of Animal Science